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Yes, You Can Go on Vacation When Your House is For Sale

Go Ahead – Go on Vacation While Your Post Falls Home is For Sale

Just because you’ve listed your Post Falls home for sale doesn’t mean you and your family need to cancel your vacation plans.

With a little advance planning, things can go smoothly in your absence, and you may even come home to a house that is under contract.

Use this checklist to make sure you have everything in place:

Be sure your agent knows your travel plans and how you can be reached while you’re away. Many a sale has been lost because the agent didn’t know when, where, or how to reach the homeowner to present an offer.

If you may be “out of range” part of the time, let your agent know when, and leave the name and contact information for a family member or friend who may be able to reach you.

Plan ahead for how you might be able to receive an offer.

Arrange to check in with your agent at a pre-determined time.

Leave your home in good showing condition with the thermostat set at a comfortable level. Remember to take out the trash, clean the cat’s litter box, and remove perishables from the refrigerator.

If you have pets who will be staying behind, take them to a boarding facility rather than hiring a pet sitter. (It’s never good to have pets unattended in a home that’s being shown.)

Ask a family member, friend, or neighbor to stop by the house to check on things and pick up the mail while you’re away.

Do what you can to make the house look occupied – a car in the driveway, lights on timers, etc.

If you have a lawn, hire someone to keep it watered and mowed.

Do NOT broadcast news of your vacation on social media – and if you have children make sure that they understand the reason why. Too many people have been burglarized because social media predators knew their homes were unoccupied.

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