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Pricing Your Post Falls Home For Sale – Don’t Ignore the Competition

You want to sell your Post Falls home so you’ve interviewed three different agents, and each of them has recommended a different price.

If they’re all within a few thousand dollars, they’re all giving you an honest opinion. They probably just used slightly different homes when making their comparisons. You should choose the agent whose attitude, manner, and marketing plan appeals to you.

If one is dramatically higher than the others, that agent is probably trying to “buy your listing.” That’s a common practice used by agents who simply want more listings – and who don’t care how disappointed you’ll be when you finally learn the truth about your home’s true market value.

But why not see for yourself?

Look at the homes those agents have used for comparisons to yours and go see the ones that are your current competition. Visit the open houses in your neighborhood and in neighborhoods that are most like yours. Set aside your feelings about your home and think about it in comparison to the other homes for sale.

As you do so, remember that these homes are your direct competition. Should you choose to ignore advice from your agent and list at a significantly higher price than homes that really are comparable to yours, you’ll be in for a disappointment.

If you’re thinking of selling in the Post Falls area, call me. I’ll be happy to prepare a comprehensive market analysis of your home’s value in today’s market. I’ll even be glad to show you the homes that will be your home’s direct competition.

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